TOTPOS Restaurant POS Software

Powered with over 20 years of our rich industry specific experience, TOTPOS is a state-of-the-art restaurant POS software from Simplified Solutions. Whether you are a fine dining restaurant, cafe, quick service outlet or a takeaway and delivery joint our cloud subscription plans provide you with unprecedented flexibility, on-demand scalability, comprehensive functionality, reliable performance and responsive on time support, all this within a budget you get to select.

With our modular structure, you have the freedom subscribe to only those components that you require for your business and should you need any changes in future, adding or dropping a module is completely in your control.

A fast, efficient and reliable POS is the core of the solution. TOTPOS uses cutting edge technology to give you the right competitive advantage to serve guests and manage your operations more efficiently. Our next-generation POS helps you optimise your processes so that your staff can focus on creating a unique and outstanding restaurant experience for your guests.

Our amazing features

Simple and Convenient

A single window web-based fully integrated software platform for FNB outlets that simplifies your day to day business processes and optimises your operational efficiencies.

Cost Effective

Easy setup and generic hardware requirement significantly brings down your investment in IT infrastructure and manpower.


Designed with your business in mind whether you have a single outlet, multiple outlets or a multi-brand operation the platform can map all your dine-in, takeaway, delivery and online business processes easily.

Powerful Reporting Tools

Seamless data processing across single, multiple or multi-brand outlets offering you insightful reporting, useful business intelligence and embedded analytics.

Offline Operations

Carry on with normal business in offline mode even if your internet connection is temporarily unavailable, the system auto updates all data as soon as your internet connection is restored.

Go Contactless

In addition to standard POS operations the platform offers online ordering, web landing page, e-menu, online and contactless payments to help your business embrace the next generation business ecosystem.

Enhanced Security

Role based access control allows you to define usage rights and permissions based on individual’s role in your organisation, enabling users to be assigned to role-based groups and then assigning each group it’s respective permissions.

Online Ordering

Expand your restaurant operations online and take orders over the internet. Our online ordering solution allows you to create an e-menu and take delivery and takeaway orders. The same can be extended to kiosk mode inside your premises and allow guest to order directly.


Effectively manage your customer database to map contact details, buying behaviour, purchase history, preferences to drive customer engagement and satisfaction. Use critical insights to design menus, offers and influence repeat purchase.

What Our Clients Say About TOTPOS

The Restaurant Management Platform designed with your business in mind.

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